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 Your Online Manager is a business built on a fresh idea – we provide one on one service at all times and we look at every client as a “partner”. Specializing in Townsville based businesses, we understand the local market and know how to speak to your potential customers – driving your sales higher into the future.

We believe your online presence is a 24/7 shopfront – as important as your “bricks and mortar” store – we can speak to potential customers online, reach new markets outside of your general catchment area and ensure your business is seen above your competitors.

We use your online presence to not only reach potential customers, we focus on client retention and keeping your content fresh and up to date – always putting your businesses best foot forward.

How many businesses can afford a full time marketing manager these days? How many businesses simply put their “youngest” employee in charge of their facebook page (yes, they know how to BE on facebook, but do they know how to promote your business and make you money?)

Your Online Manager partners with your business and offers a simple solution to your online shopfront needs – get in touch with Tim today to discuss your exact needs.

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We take care of your localized online marketing needs – from small “one off” promotions to highly targeted campaigns.


We ensure you know how everything is tracking online – providing analytics and a “non geek speak” overview of the work that has been done for your business.


We build, maintain, refresh and keep working on making your online shopfront amazing – while growing your customer base at all times.


We can create, update and maintain all social platforms needed for your business – we also tap into other existing social groups to further promote your business.


We can create your businesses webstore if needed – can you sell your products or services outside of Townsville? Are there potential markets you just can’t reach with your traditional shopfront at the moment – let’s look at a webstore option.


We can build a new website and constantly update and maintain it – or we can maintain your current website as required – we cater to your individual business needs.


Email newsletter can be an effective tool to retain your customer base – and be able to promote directly to the customers who already know and appreciate your business – tapping into and ensuring future sales.


We make sure your online shopfront is fully responsive and mobile friendly – keeping up with current trends.


We will make sure your online content is the best it can be – this includes taking quality photos of your stock and specials – all included in our weekly pricing.



We deliver a hands on service, and are always on the look out for new opportunities for our partners – simply put, we use our brains to make you money.


We work with your business every step of the way – as you grow, so does your online shopfront – we show you how to make the most of your online presence with our “open door” policy and information sharing newsletter.


We ensure good planning practices are in place and agreed upon for each client – we set up a “living document” that we work to which grows with your business needs.

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So, you want our services – but what’s it cost?

To put it simply we take care of your online needs for $100 per week on a 52 week commitment.

This includes, but not limited to, all of the services listed above.


We already have a website – can you just take care of our social media?

YES, for $100 per week, we will maintain your social media presence across as many platforms as needed. We may also create interest groups to further promote your business – as well as using other groups and pages already in place to leverage your business. If you want a website refresh down the track – we can do that as well.

We were quoted $5K to build our webstore – will you do this for $100 per week?

YES, we will create and maintain your webstore for $100 per week – think of it like this, you can choose to pay other web builders $5K for 2-3 weeks of work, then you have to upload and maintain the site from there OR we basically work for you for the year at the same price.

Can you work from our office?

NO, we have our own office and work from there – we spend our time working on your online presence, without “in store” distractions. We will however, spend as much time as needed in your store, taking pics, getting the website perfect and making sure you are happy with the results of our work.  

How many hours a week will you work for us? Will we be charged more if you work extra hours?

There is no maximum hours – if you are in a sales period, or expanding the business and need us more – we will jump to it at no extra charge. Business owners usually know when people are working hard for them! We believe that a minimum of 5-10 hours per week is required to maintain a healthy online presence, and are willing to do this for $100 per week. We can discuss exact needs if you feel you need us more – and our rates will reflect the workload required.

Will you work with my competitors? Do you offer industry exclusivity?

We will endeavour to make sure we do not work with direct competitors – although specific clients will always have completely different needs regardless.

I am interested, but at the moment all I need is a website build – can you just do that?

YES, we can do basic website builds without a 12 month sign up. Get in touch and we can sort it out.

When can you start?

Get in touch and we will come out for a quick catch up and diagnosis – we can kick off as quickly as needed – we look forward to your call/email.

Call Tim on 0429 676 045

or email